A Blog About Blogs: Blogging’s Most Popular Topics

A Blog About Blogs: Blogging’s Most Popular Topics

If you are reading this, you obviously are a blog reader. Have you ever wondered what some of the most popular topics for blogs have been? Here’s a look at ten of the top blog subjects that are being posted. 

Political Topics

This can fluctuate seasonally and year by year, but political topics seem to always make their way into the top ten list of popular topics.

Financial Blogs

Another popular subject are blogs about money and financial matters. Topics can range from paying off credit cards to refinancing a home to the best investments of the day. Some may have more and some may have less, but we all have money, making it a subject readers love to learn about.

Blogs About Sports

Take the number of sports, multiplied by the number of colleges and leagues times the number of cities and colleges, and you’ll still come up shy of the number of people who love, and love to read about, sports. Many athletes and retired athletes have their own blogs, adding insight into the subject.

Blogs About Being a Parent

Young parents are as likely to read a blog or consult an online parenting group as to ask their own parents for advice. We can only guess that is because young parents want advice from young parents, not old parents. In any event, blogs about bringing up children are usually well-read.

Fitness Blogs

Apparently we enjoy reading about fitness more than we like to do it. Fitness gurus tend to do well with blogs about staying physically fit.

Fashion Blogs

There are those who stress over their wardrobes and there are those who will wear whatever is clean. The interesting thing is that neither can imagine living like the other. Only one group, however, would care about a fashion blog, but apparently it is a pretty big group.

Music Blogs

We may have differing tastes but most of us like music. Whether you just listen to it or play it professionally, reading about it can bring us a new perspective. Who wouldn’t want to read a writer’s take on a song they composed, especially if it’s one of your favorites.

Travel Blogs

Blogs about travel are terrific when you want to visit someplace you’ve never been to. Travel blogs are exploding with subjects ranging from conquering Europe by bike to traveling the Americas by car. If you want to do it, odds are someone already has, and perhaps has even blogged about it.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are so popular, in part, because they are so wide-ranging. They may include the arts, design, architecture, hobbies, movies and more. Seems everyone is passionate about something, and they just may want to blog about it.

Blogs About Cooking and Food

It has always been a popular subject in bookstores, has enjoyed a resurgence on television and that has carried over into online blogs. We just can’t seem to get enough cook tips, recipes, and 30 minute ides for dinner.

We noticed the subject of insurance wasn’t on the list. We may be perplexed but we remain resolute. If you feel the need to discuss life, home, auto or business insurance, feel free to contact us.

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